Entering Inventory Amounts For Products with Multiple Variants


eCommerce:  Entering Inventory Amounts For Online Stores, Part 2

As Part 1 of this 2 Part series mentioned, online shopping has boomed in recent years.  Many companies have decided to add an online store due to the doors it can open and the profits it can create.  A local store can become more regional, national, or even global through the Internet, boosting sales, profit, and ultimately the company’s bottom line. 

As mentioned previously, there are two type of products for which a company can enter an inventory amount.  Last week’s article discussed the ease of in-store staff members updating inventory amounts for a single product with no variant.  The second type of product a company may need to enter an inventory amount for is a single product with multiple variants, which is discussed in today’s article.  An example of such a product would be a shoe sold in different sizes.  While there are few more steps to adding inventory amounts for multiple variant products, it is still a process that can easily be completed by in-store staff members once the online store is built.  The following steps will walk you through this process:

Step 1:  Log into the nopCommerce administration section of the site.

Step 2:  Click Catalog > Products > Manage Products.

Step 3:  Scroll to or search for the desired product and then click “Edit.”

Step 4: Click the “Product Variants” tab.

Step 5:  Click the “Edit” on the product variant.

Step 6:  Scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Track Inventory by Product Attributes” under “Manage Inventory Level,” then click “Save and Continue Edit.”

Step 7:  Click the “Product Variant Attributes” tab.

Step 8:  Under the “Attribute Combinations” tab, click the “Add Combinations” button.

Step 9:  In the pop-up window, enter the stock quantity for the size and click “Add Combination.” (Note: If you want an order to be allowed even though the stock level is 0, you can select “Allow Out of Stock.”)

Step 10:  Repeat steps 8-9 for each size (or variant) of that particular product.

Many site owners are concerned about the complexity of keeping up an online store and the cost. These articles have proven that in-house personnel can easily update a site.  Chase Computer Services has the ability to build online store sites for your business where you can maintain the site to cut costs.  We also are able to walk you through the site’s capabilities and teach you the maintenance process.  For companies with a lower marketing budget but the need to grow, such a site may be perfect.  For more information about adding an online store to your business, or for information about creating or updating a website, contact us at Sales@ChaseComputerServices.com or call us at 662-655-2019.  

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