Entering Inventory Amounts For Single Product Variants


Entering Inventory Amounts For Online Stores, Part 1

Online shopping is growing significantly.  Statistics from the 2011 holiday shopping season show that shoppers spent more than $32 billion in their online purchases.  This amount is 15% more than what was spent online during the 2010 holiday shopping season.  Additionally, 57% of online respondents from across the globe say they review products and services online prior to making a purchase. What this means is that businesses with products or services that can be sold online may want to consider eCommerce as another means of sales.  Depending on the company, the product or service, and the regional scope, significant growth could occur with additional promotion and product sales availability online.

For many companies interested in eCommerce and operating an online store, ease of product and price updating is a huge concern.  Most companies want to have the flexibility to be able to update their online stores spur of the moment, without contacting a web designer or IT person.  At Chase Computer Services, we can design and set-up your online store and then train you or your staff to easily and quickly make updates.  An example of how easy it is to update a site that we have designed includes entering inventory amounts. 

There are two types of products for which a company can enter an inventory amount.  One way is to enter the amount for a single product with no variants.  What this means is that you have one product in one style, size or shape.  An example is a gift card.  You know the product and the price, and you know that neither will change.  On the sites we build for customers, entering inventory amounts for such products is extremely easy.  For this type of product, the following steps can be taken in order to add an inventory amount on the online store’s site:

Step 1:  Log into the nopCommerce administration section of the online site. 

Step 2:  Click Catalog > Products > Manage Products.

Step 3:  Scroll to or search for the desired product and then click “Edit.”

Step 4: Click the “Product Variants” tab.

Step 5:  Click “Edit” on the product variant.

Step 6:  Scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Track Inventory” under “Manage Inventory Level.”

Step 7:  Enter the number of items in stock under the “Stock Quantity.”

As you see, this is a process that can easily be performed by most managers or staff members.  Having the ability to maintain an online store in-house can save time, money and can even mean more sales.  In next week’s article, we will discuss how easy it can be to enter inventory amounts for the second type of product a store may sell. 

For more information about starting an online store, or for information on creating or updating a website, contact Chase Computer Services at Sales@ChaseComputerServices.com or call us at 662-655-2019.       



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